Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blamtastic Lip Balms

What Makes Blamtastic Unique?

COLLECTIBLE FLAVORS AND STYLES - Blamtastic offers 13 yummy flavors and 4 styles of accessories for guys and girls. Kids and Tweens want to collect them all. They never buy just one.

Creative Child Magazine.

2010 PTPA MEDIA (parent tested parent approved) BEST PRODUCT AWARD.

RECOMMENDED by Nickelodeon  Parent Connect, Seventeen Magazine, TIME Magazine for kids and many other respected media outlets.  

Blamtastic beat Chapstick, Lip Smackers and Burt's Bees in taste tests.

Blamtastic was featured on 10 best product lists this year.
70% of kids, tweens and teens use lip balm every day.

We're proud to be MADE IN THE USA - A hot button for parents today with all of the scary recalls for toxic products made overseas. Buyers are looking for American made products.

PETROLEUM and PARABEN FREE - Blamtastic's own aloe-based formula soothes and protects.

NO ANIMAL TESTING. That's just mean!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fing'rs Review

Softlips Limited Edition Winter Flavors Review and Giveaway!!!

Wig Haul!!! Full Lace, Lace Front, Half Wigs, Full Wigs and Ponytails!

November Favorites

Hard Candy Review

Fingrs Review

Fing'rs Press on Nails and Nail Art Decals Review

Gorgeous sticker decals for your nails!!!  I loved the designs on here.  This particular package has everything from skulls and bones to butterflies!

Rating Scale (1 Highest 5 Lowest)

Packaging 1
Durability 1
Style 1
Ease of use 1
Comfort 1

Comment:  Overall I was very impressed with these press on nails.  The design was gorgeous!  They fit my nails well although I wish there were 1 more number 5 nail in the package but I made it work.  The fit was very comfortable and they didn't get in the way.  They were very simple to put on and take off.  I really liked Fing'rs brand press on nails.

Check them out!  Here is their website:  Click here to go to Fing'rs Website

Here are their Facebook pages:

Girlie Nails Facebook Account Link 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's the big deal about false lashes?

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Here is their website:

They carry Ardell, Andrea, Gypsy, Japonesque, Elise, Lash Belong and more...

Beyonce Heat Inspired look

Hair-Heatless Curl

Eye Shadow-
Hong kong 88 Palette-Red
Profusion Palette-Gold
Maybelline New York Forever Metallics-Ginger Sheen

Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Eyeliner

Loreal Voluminous Curved Brush

Maybelline New York Forever Metallics-Ginger Sheen

Profusion Gold shadow (lipliner)
Maybelline New York Forever Metallics-Ginger Sheen
Hard Candy Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Honeymark Products with Manuka Honey Review

Overall Company Review

1-5 (1 is the highest)

Customer Service: 1
Shipping: 1
Comments: I would definetely recommend these products!  The one I am the most impressed with is the Bath Salt.  It really made my bath relaxing, it made my skin soft and moisterized and I didn't have any allergic reactions to it.  That is by far my favorite with the Mud Mask and the Acne Cream coming in close 2nd and 3rd.

Fragrance: 3
Effectiveness: 1
Packaging: 2
Comments: This liquid soap is really effective and pretty gentle.  It is only mildly drying of my skin.  I expected the fragrance to be a stronger smell of honey.  It had more of a mineral type smell but not bad.  The packaging is ok but nothing special.  I really liked the fact that my hands were not extremely dry after I used this soap.

Fragrance: 1
Effectiveness: 1
Packaging: 2
Comments: The fragrance was good for what you can expect from a mud mask.  The mask however was wonderful.  It worked very well.  I really enjoyed this mask.  Once again the packaging was ok.  This mask is very drying but made my skin so dry.  Afterward I just used my night cream and it was great.

Fragrance: 1
Effectiveness: 1
Packaging: 2
Comments: This was my favorite out of all of the products that I reviewed.  This smelled just like honey!  I love the smell of honey so I was really looking forward to smelling honey but this is really the only one that smelled like honey.  I used it in my bathtub and it made my skin so soft and moisterized.  It also smelled good during my bath.

Fragrance: 1
Effectiveness: 1
Packaging: 2
Comments: This Hand Sanitizer is the same as the liquid soap to me.  The smell and packaging is ok but the effectiveness is great.  It gets the job done.

Fragrance: 2
Effectiveness: 1
Packaging: 1
Comments: I actually like the packaging on this cream.  I used this Acne Cream when I had a breakout and it worked fast.  The next morning my pimple had shrunk alot and by the 2nd day it was just about gone.  The fragrance is ok but not bad.

Fragrance: 2
Effectiveness: ?
Packaging: 2
Comments: The fragrance on the Anti-Wrinkle Serum is ok.  Nothing special with just a hint of honey smell.  I really like the way it makes my face feel after I use it.  I use it after the mask but before I put on my moisterizer.  It does make my skin smooth.  I don't currently have wrinkles so I don't know if it is helping current wrinkles but I believe in preventative care.  I will definetely continue to use it.

Here is a link to their website:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Orglamix Organix Mineral Makeup Tutorial and Giveaway!

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1. You must be a subscriber.
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3. You may comment a maximum of 3 times per day.
4. Each 3 comments must be a different color eyeshadow.
5. 1 extra entry for becoming a fan on facebook to Orglamix. (inbox me proof)
6. 5 extra entry for following my (inbox me proof)

Contest will run 11/14 - 11/28 The winner will be announced 11/29
The winner will be chosen by

Music: All rights go to Jill Scott He loves Me (Lyzel in E flat) Movements I, II, III

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charm Factory Review

Received 11-8-10

Checked them out:

My rating scale is 1-5 (1 Being the highest)

Overall Company Rating 1
Customer Service 1
Durability 1
Design 2
The pre-designed charms could use more charms for my taste but that completely differs from the opinion of my friends.

Ease of use 1
Easy lobster clasp.

Comfort 1
Plenty of loops for a secure fit. Smooth with nothing sticking out or irritating skin. It didn't irritate my skin or turn my skin colors.

Packaging 1
It came in a cute gift box.

They feature almost 5000 high quality, unique sterling silver charms, bracelets, beads and more. Silver charm bracelets are so easy to personalize. Start by choosing a charm bracelet (or necklace). Then add as many .925 sterling silver charms as you like. Each charm comes with a free jump ring to attach it to your bracelet.

Their charms and beads are .925 sterling silver and manufactured in the United States, all lead and nickel free. Their pewter charms are also nickel and lead free. Charm Factory products do not contain cadmium, which is a concern with some products made in Asia.

Their beautifully designed sterling silver charm bracelets with lobster clasp are delicate looking, yet incredibly strong. The figure 8 links that are woven throughout the bracelet give a look of elegance not often afforded to charm bracelets.

Their experienced professional jewelers hand make each and every theme charm bracelet. All of their charms and bracelets are made from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality silver available.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were sent to me for free for review purposes. This in no way changes my opinion. I gave my honest opinion of the product. I am not paid by the company or an affiliate of the company

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mario Badescu Review

I was sent a sample face regimen from Mario Badescu.  I took the time out and tried each of the products that they sent me.  I was sent: Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Aloe Lotion, Flower and Tonic Mask, Strawberry Face Scrub, Glycolic Eye Cream, Bee Pollen Night Cream and Hydro Moisterizer w/Vitamin C.  The only one that I didn't like out of the products was the Flower and Tonic Mask.  It made my face burn.  I think it overcleansed my skin.  I have combination skin but my entire face burned after using that mask.  I put regular Aveeno on my face afterward and it cooled it down.  Keep in mind that each sample pack that they send out is totally tailored to each person based on the evaluation that they fill out on the website. 

Here is my rating scale 1-5 (1 being the best)

Packaging- 4- Nothing special about the packaging.
Customer Service- 1- I had initial trouble getting my sample pack  but when I called they got it right out.
Fragrance-  2- They didn't smell bad.  The strawberry scrub smelled good.
Effectiveness- 1- The products definetely do what they are supposed to do.  I think I may have just need a re-evaluation.
Ease of Use- 1-  The package comes with a personalized guide that tells you exactly when and how to use the products.  It was very easy to use.

I hope this review was helpful to you all.  Overall I would recommend Mario Badescu as a Skin Care company.  Since I had a bad experience with one of the product I would definetely take advantage of the sample pack before you buy a full bottle of anything.

Here is the link to sign up for your own sample pack: Mario Badescu Samples