Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blamtastic Lip Balms

What Makes Blamtastic Unique?

COLLECTIBLE FLAVORS AND STYLES - Blamtastic offers 13 yummy flavors and 4 styles of accessories for guys and girls. Kids and Tweens want to collect them all. They never buy just one.

Creative Child Magazine.

2010 PTPA MEDIA (parent tested parent approved) BEST PRODUCT AWARD.

RECOMMENDED by Nickelodeon  Parent Connect, Seventeen Magazine, TIME Magazine for kids and many other respected media outlets.  

Blamtastic beat Chapstick, Lip Smackers and Burt's Bees in taste tests.

Blamtastic was featured on 10 best product lists this year.
70% of kids, tweens and teens use lip balm every day.

We're proud to be MADE IN THE USA - A hot button for parents today with all of the scary recalls for toxic products made overseas. Buyers are looking for American made products.

PETROLEUM and PARABEN FREE - Blamtastic's own aloe-based formula soothes and protects.

NO ANIMAL TESTING. That's just mean!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fing'rs Review

Softlips Limited Edition Winter Flavors Review and Giveaway!!!

Wig Haul!!! Full Lace, Lace Front, Half Wigs, Full Wigs and Ponytails!

November Favorites

Hard Candy Review

Fingrs Review

Fing'rs Press on Nails and Nail Art Decals Review

Gorgeous sticker decals for your nails!!!  I loved the designs on here.  This particular package has everything from skulls and bones to butterflies!

Rating Scale (1 Highest 5 Lowest)

Packaging 1
Durability 1
Style 1
Ease of use 1
Comfort 1

Comment:  Overall I was very impressed with these press on nails.  The design was gorgeous!  They fit my nails well although I wish there were 1 more number 5 nail in the package but I made it work.  The fit was very comfortable and they didn't get in the way.  They were very simple to put on and take off.  I really liked Fing'rs brand press on nails.

Check them out!  Here is their website:  Click here to go to Fing'rs Website

Here are their Facebook pages:

Girlie Nails Facebook Account Link