Friday, December 17, 2010

Fingrs Review

Fing'rs Press on Nails and Nail Art Decals Review

Gorgeous sticker decals for your nails!!!  I loved the designs on here.  This particular package has everything from skulls and bones to butterflies!

Rating Scale (1 Highest 5 Lowest)

Packaging 1
Durability 1
Style 1
Ease of use 1
Comfort 1

Comment:  Overall I was very impressed with these press on nails.  The design was gorgeous!  They fit my nails well although I wish there were 1 more number 5 nail in the package but I made it work.  The fit was very comfortable and they didn't get in the way.  They were very simple to put on and take off.  I really liked Fing'rs brand press on nails.

Check them out!  Here is their website:  Click here to go to Fing'rs Website

Here are their Facebook pages:

Girlie Nails Facebook Account Link 

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